Polk County is the recipient of the Foundation Forward Charters of Freedom. The term Charters of Freedom is used to describe the three documents, the United States Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, in early American history instrumental to its founding and philosophy.

Photo of the installation as it appears in Kokomo County

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You are invited to enjoy a deeper personal experience with a leisurely stroll through our town. We hope our self guided walking tour delights, informs and engages all five senses. Come, Discover Columbus, and get energized by the scent, sound, and rhythm of the place we call home.

Historic Columbus Walking Tour MapClick on the links below to learn more:

  1. Polk County History Museum – Preserving Polk County’s history and heritage
  2. Columbus First Baptist Church – Town’s oldest church structure (1857)
  3. WWI Doughboy Statue – Commemorates Polk County men who lost their lives during World War I.
  4. Polk County Historic Courthouse – An historic 1859 Antebellum local government building
  5. Old Bill Williams Historical Marker – Born here on Horse Creek in 1787, surveyed Santa Fe Trail
  6. Civil War Trails Plaque – Stoneman’s Raid through Howard Gap in 1865
  7. Howard Monument – Part of our pre-Revolutionary frontier heritage (1909 originally)
  8. Columbus Mills Plaque A tribute to Polk County’s founding father.
  9. Veteran’s Memorial Park – Honoring veterans who served from 1776 to modern times.
  10. House of Flags Museum – The only one in America!
  11. The Flower Cottage  The town’s original library (c. 1892)
  12. Cole Lumbus – Wood Spirit Carving in Stearns Park, Geocaching Site
  13. Stearn’s School and Park 1917 Columbus High School
  14. Sears Catalog House – Structure ordered from a Sears catalog on Peak Street.

Want to see more? Please enjoy the video linked below – Cheers!

Getting to Know Us.

Our rich agricultural heritage affords access to a wide variety of fresh local produce, meats, cheeses and fish. This video by Kirk Gollwitzer of Natural Light Photograpy illustrates it beautifully – enjoy!