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Cole began life as a tree trunk, his shape cut with a chainsaw from the wood of a Royal Paulownia, or Princess Tree.

“Good morning everyone or should I say afternoon. My first name is Cole. My last name is Lumbus. Put all together it is Cole Lumbus. You may know my first cousin Eddie Stowe. He is a resident of the South Carolina coast.

“My job is an honorable one. I watch over the Town of Columbus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I see everything. The high school’s homecoming parade and the Columbus Christmas parade are two of my favorite events. But the granddaddy of them all is the Fabulous Fourth celebration on July 4th. Oh… what a fireworks display.

I am the creation of craftsman Chris Carroll. He is a master with a saw and a vivid imagination. Enjoy your time in downtown Columbus and I will be seeing you around town.”

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Join Cole for Free Music in Stearns Park

Summer 2018


Mark your calendars and bring your folding chairs!

Sponsored by Discover Columbus!

August 18– Jesse Jesse T. Yarbrough and David Wallace…County and Gospel music

August 25– The Atkins Family Southern Gospel Music

Sept 1 – Joyful Noise

Sept 8- Colt Creek Bluegrass Gospel Music

Sept 15 – 3Deemed

Sept 22– Chosen Southern Gospel group

Sept 29– Turning Point