All Month Long beginning April 3rd. 

April is National Litter Awareness Month which means that it’s officially time for spring cleaning to begin. Discover Columbus and the Town of Columbus are planning a month-long event to help bring attention to the “dirty” topic of litter.

Columbus Proud is designed to raise awareness about litter while at the same time helping people in the community get their neighborhoods and public areas squared away after a long winter. This month-long event will begin the first weekend of April, Saturday April 3rd, 2021.

 “Every weekend in April, there are clean ups going on throughout our community. We want people to take pride in their communities. We want citizens to be aware, as well as involved,” said Robert Williamson, Town Councilman. “We want people to remember that you can help keep our community clean all year round. Our hope is that they’ll remember throughout the year that litter is bad, it’s not good for our environment or our communities.”


What can you do?

Having an active role in the environment shows pride and responsibility for our community as well as provides education and awareness to future generations. This program offers community service opportunities for families, church groups, clubs, schools, youth and adult organizations, businesses, and community individuals. Volunteer groups and individuals interested in collecting litter and other debris from a township roadway (of their choosing) may pick up orange DOT trash bags, a safety color vest, and gloves. These materials are provided to community members who wish to participate and will be available at the Town Hall in Columbus. In addition, our town will provide a drop off area on the corner of Mills and Hampton St for trash collected.

For any questions please contact Ernie Kan at or Daisy at Columbus Town Hall at 894-8236×1002.

“Columbus Proud” Litter Awareness Month is jointly sponsored by the Discover Columbus Committee and the Town of Columbus.