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“Did you know there is only one museum in America that is entirely dedicated to exhibiting flags from our Nation’s history? My favorite is my husband’s, Francis Hopkinson’s flag. He designed the first official flag of the United States of America when he was a member of Congress in June 1777. Make sure you see his flag. He so loved the 13 six-pointed stars and the 13 red and white stripes we made for our very first flag.

The House of Flags Museum, founded in 2001, may have the most comprehensive collection of authentic full-size reproduction historical flags in the country. The 6,000 square-foot museum has more than 300 different historical flags of the United States on display from the colorful flags from the Colonial and Revolutionary War eras, to the War of 1812 when our unique “Star Spangled Banner” was born, to the Civil War, World Wars and modern times. The flag collection also contains all 27 official U.S. flags, 50 state flags, and our Territories’ flags.

Today, the museum is operated entirely by volunteers, is totally handicapped accessible, and boasts free admission. Francis would be proud to see how the civic leaders and volunteers in the Columbus area have displayed his flag and those of many others who created unique designs for their flags. Every flag has a story to tell. Find your favorite – you already know mine.”

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